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VISD Bilingual - ESL
  Lupita Narvaez

Bilingual - ESL Learning Coordinator

Phone: (361) 788-9269
Fax: (361) 788-9642

Melba Rios
Administrative Secretary - Bilingual/ESL Program

TEA Bilingual/ESL Education Information

Victoria ISD's ESL Program

1.  Bridge to Academic Success

  • Build students’ English language proficiency to enable them to achieve quality academic and life skills in an equitable and safe environment.
  • Cultural awareness
  • Graduation: attained through a relevant and rigorous curriculum that maximizes learning.

2.  Communication
       (To create an environment that seeks and respects input from all)

  • Ongoing meaningful communication with administrators, staff, parents, students, and the community.
  • Facilitating parent involvement through campus activities.
  • Educational resources related to ESL:

    3. Curriculum Integration

    The ESL program targets every content area from a language perspective using:

    4.  Delivery of Instruction

           (Responsive to students’ needs by highly qualified and effective personnel)

    • ESL Certified Teacher, may be an itinerant teacher, who services more than one campus.
    • Regular classroom teacher that holds an ESL certification
    • Inclusion: collaboration with classroom teacher by an ESL teacher or teacher’s assistant
    • Pull-out:  An English program that serves students identified as students of limited English proficiency in English only [instruction] by providing a part-time teacher certified under TEC §29.061(c) to provide English language arts instruction exclusively, while the student remains in a mainstream instructional arrangement in the remaining content areas.  Instruction may be provided by the ESL teacher in a pull-out or inclusionary delivery model.  Exiting to an all-English program of instruction will occur not earlier than the end of the first grade, or if the student enrolls in school during or after first grade, the student will remain in the program for a minimum of two to five years before being eligible to exit the ESL program.  Students that have met exit criteria in accordance with TAC §89.1225 may continue receiving services but the school district will not be allocated the bilingual allotment – TEC §42.153. 

    5.   Accountability

                  Home Language Survey  (spanish)
                  LPAC (Language Proficiency Assessment Committee)
                   Power Pt. to be used for training of teachers or parents
    • PBMAS (Performance Based Monitoring Assessment System)
    • PEIMS
    • State Assessments
    • Title III End-of year Reports

    6.  Assessments

    • District Benchmarks
    • Idea Proficiency Test
              Pre –IPT Oral for ages 3-5
              IPT 1 Oral English, Gr. K-6
              IPT 2 Oral English, Gr. 7-12
              IPT 1 Reading/Writing, Gr. 2-3
              IPT 2 Reading/Writing, Gr. 4-6
              IPT 3 Reading/Writing, Gr. 7-12
    • ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills)
    • LAT (Linguistically Accommodated Testing)
    • STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness)
    • TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills)
    • TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System)

              PLDs (Proficiency Level Descriptors)

      “Supporting and valuing all English Language Learners’ languages and cultures, while encouraging them to become successful and productive citizens in our global society”

      Lupita Narvaez
      Bilingual/ESL District Coordintor

      Additional Bilingual/ESL program information and requirements are available on the TEA Bilingual/ESL webpage here.